Liam Barr : 'Che' Tiki Art - 'Che' - 'Hei Tiki - Hi Mate' by Liam Barr

Hei Tiki - Hi Mate - Che

Kina Te Onepu Pakaha Te Koro Heke Karakia
The Mighty Moa Totara Graveyard Io Haere Mai He Tete Kura
The Pilgrim Gods Own Che Pou

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56 x 76 cm Oil on Canvas 2006

Old school cool, holds respect for most of us old enough to recognise change. Urban life revolves around what's now. It hits the pavement running, desperately trying to stay ahead of its inevitable successor. In the sixties, Howard Morrison coined the word 'Che' '(pronounced Chur). A word jammed with multi definitions of acknowledgement, kinship, cool, appreciation, awe and perhaps many others. He may have thought it ephemeral at the time but this word has gone the distance. Here the tiki character poses in front of the old school graph-art. Rail carriage vandalism or an archived historical remnant?.