Liam Barr : 'The Mighty Moa' Tiki Art - 'The Mighty Moa' - 'Hei Tiki - Hi Mate' by Liam Barr

Hei Tiki - Hi Mate - The Mighty Moa

Kina Te Onepu Pakaha Te Koro Heke Karakia
The Mighty Moa Totara Graveyard Io Haere Mai He Tete Kura
The Pilgrim Gods Own Che Pou

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91 x 71 cm Oil on Canvas 2007

As kids, the local dairy was the hub of social cool. 25 cents was decent money, K-bars were dicing with the dentist, fags were lollies, germs were only caught through girls, being old meant over 20 and abilities were discovered by double dares.

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