Liam Barr : Between the Devil & the Deep Between the Devil & the Deep by Liam Barr

Pakeha - Between the Devil & the Deep

Aurora Molly Amberley No mans land
Land of Little Luxury Bent Promise & Prayer Bell Jar
Devil & the Deep Bullers Birds .22 Calibre Historian Faethm

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76 x 60 cm Oil on Canvas 2009

John Rutherford b.1796 - A blemished story of an English sailor and sole survivor of the captured American brig Agnes which put in at Tokomaru, Bay of Islands. Surviving for 10 years with local Maori, the 'White New Zealander' finally makes his escape. The ta moko given him is an apt addition to the ink stained map of his life and stands testament to his experience, connecting him forever more to Aotearoa.