Tiki sitting on Totara stump lamenting deforestation, painting from Liam Barr
Totara Graveyard

76 X 76cm Oil on Canvas 2006 

Influenced by the fallen totara forests of Banks Peninsula, the tiki figure laments over the twisted, sculptural, silver giants which once stood to provide a majestic skyline over Port Levy. We imagine the terrain as it must have been and beg the question, why.

Tiki prays for forgiveness in an image of shame, painting from Liam Barr
Gods Own

60 X 60cm Oil on Canvas 2006 

Bent in mourning the tiki covers his face to hide the shame of his negligence. By confronting our demons we vanquish the shame and reconciliation provides the reward.

Tiki figure prays with Piwakawaka on the lake's edge painting from Liam Barr

101 x 101 cm Oil on Canvas 2007

He welcomes in the evening with karakia, his faith as strong as his song. Piwakawaka feed from the sky, playfully, erratically, all is as it should be.

Tiki plays guitar in front of caravan from Liam Barr

112 x 167 cm Oil on Canvas 2007 

The simplicity of a beach holiday where 'being' is the core experience. Smell, sound taste and images permeate our psyche and we feel content, connected and accepting of the earth in all its temperaments.

Tiki figure sits in front of beach caravan contemplating his life painting from Liam Barr
Te Onepu Pakaha - The Sand Castle

76 x 91 cm Oil on Canvas 2006 

Koro (respected elder) rests easy at his whare, his home, his castle. He is comforted by the natural state of his environment where nostalgia blows from the north of a life so long ago, it could have been someone elses.

Tiki kid in front for grafitti train, painting from Liam Barr

56 x 76 cm Oil on Canvas 2006 

With time, small treasures of a by-gone era slip out of sight and into memory. Cars were cool, summers were hot, the high point of a day was a trip to the dairy and everything I wanted could be bought for a dollar.

Taniwha and Kiwi meet and hongi in greeting, painting from Liam Barr
The Mighty Moa

91 x 71 cm
Oil on Canvas 2007

As kids, the local dairy was the hub of social cool. 25 cents was decent money, K-bars were dicing with the dentist, fags were lollies, germs were only caught through girls, being old meant over 20 and abilities were discovered by double dares.

Tiki figure carves a son, sumbol of new life, painting from Liam Barr
Haere Mai He Tete Kura

91 x 61 cm
Oil on Canvas 2007

This image represents the intrinsic values of nature and nurture through our connection to Papatuanuku (Earth Mother). A rebirth takes place and in doing so brings with it a new consciousness of the tupuna (ancestors) that stood before. The exotic gold-finch brings the past into present and sings a song of new dawns. 

Tiki lays on hillside with tuatara crawling over him, inspired by Banks Peninsula, painting from Liam Barr
Io - Universal Spirit

40 x 112 cm Oil on Canvas 2006 

The vibrational song of the earth is reserved for those who are prepared to listen. Here the Tiki figure embraces Papatuanuku as an infant gains comfort from its own mother's heartbeat. Tuatara act as guardian to the infant and offer guidance and wisdom in the ways of being.

Tiki listens to radio with parrotas he sits in the forest, painting from Liam Barr
Te Koroheke

51 x 91 cm  Oil on Canvas 2007

'The old Man' knows where his spirit lies; he wants for nothing more. Life is abundant all around him and he rests easy, complete and humbled by the knowledge that he and Papatuanuku speak freely.

Tiki stand on each other to see out of prison window, painting from Liam Barr

183 x 61 cm Oil on Canvas 2007

In every situation, the push-pull effect requires energy. Positively or negatively that charge creates dynamic change. A spirit is lifted if only for a short time by the whiff of future. Building block brothers feel his lightness and are empowered by their act of unity.

Tiki sits upon Easter Island statues as a pilgrim, painting from Liam Barr
The Pilgrim

75 X 37cm
Oil on Canvas 2002

Millions of tourists flock to exotic destinations every year to validate their ancestry and provide some explanation of who and where we are today. The Tiki finds solace in the remote Easter Island monoliths and considers the connection to his ancestry of inter island voyagers.