Out of Kilter 2022

"When the world in balance ceases to be, so too are the works which spill from the artists easel".

At the time of making, I often feel separate from the work, trusting and allowing the process to unfold, not always knowing exactly what is being said, but once complete and on reflection, a narrative reveals itself. To me, this is the creative process at its best.

‘Out of Kilter' is a body of work which reflect what Covid ‘19 threw us into. There is a feeling of unsettled turmoil and intersecting ideas which formulate a collection of works as opposed to a series of similar themed works. While we couldn’t be in a more grounded country to endure such a pandemic, nevertheless, we weren’t quite sure what the future would hold. This imbalance pushed and pulled the work yet somehow managed to symbolize an image set depicting personal reflection, historical meanderings and a subtle reminder that those we hold dear are everything.

Painting of a boy riding a sheep on Bethells Beach

120 x 140cm, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2021 

Omens can be perceived as instincts, being able to read the signs and take the necessary precautions. With the atmospheric Bethells Beach (Te Henga) as the backdrop, the boy looks toward the oncoming storm and weighs his options.

Painting of a female bust with birds
Night Owl

90 x 90cm, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2021 

Stolen as the night, dancing shoes on ice, left on this marble shelf, my buds will need suffice.

Painting of a rocking horse ride in interior setting

70 x 115cm, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2021

Praxis speaks to the process of things. As children, we enact skills by trial and error in order to prepare us for more dangerous pursuits. We attach meaning to the things which shape us, form memories and over time create nostalgia. I found this remnant in an overgrown, disused playground in Akaroa. It reminded me of one in my local playground in Corsair Bay. A patchwork album of monikers, love declarations and an undeniable statement that at one point in history, ‘I was here’.

Painting of boy playing a cowboys in the 60's

80 x 64.5cm, Oil on Belgian Linen Bonded Panel, 2021 

History is undeniable, whose history, subjective. Times change and with that, so does the practice of play. We held onto the innocence of youth and were guided by the surrounding culture oblivious to wider context. There was just us and them, simple, interchangeable. At least until the call for dinner - no weapons at the table.

Painting of girl carrying ventriloquist mannequin

90 x 90cm, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2021

We don’t always get the parents we want or need. Their decisions or lack thereof can heft responsibilities upon shoulders barely broad enough to carry a loaf, never mind a loafer.

Painting of a man standing in water waving
An Ordinary Gesture

90 x 90cm, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2021

The silent ambiguity of confusion and irrelevance. Caught between spaces belies the uncertain times we find ourselves in. Are we coming or going, drowning or waving, saying hello when we mean goodbye. We are indeed, knee deep in it.

Painting of a girl wrapped in furs embracing the stormy seas.
Pressure Drop

74 x 70cm, Oil on Belgian Linen, 2017

If I forget where I came from, submerge me in a rock pool, drape me in seaweed and leave me to remember.

Painting of a girl wrapped in furs.
First Light

122 x 70cm, Oil on Belgian Linen Bonded Panel, 2020

Slipping quietly from the house, awake to early bird call and minty air. The shore makes its presence felt, a new day dawns.